No better way to say thankyou


– than with handmade thankyou cards! Especially where grandmothers are concerned! I’m very lucky to have two wonderful grandmothers who both gave me such amazing gifts for my birthday back in early July (why yes, I am *ahem* a little bit late writing this post..). For two very different personalities, I created two very different cards to say thankyou in the best way that I know how, and I’m quite pleased with the way they turned out – especially given that I only had a weekend to make them. I now have a longing to paint many more owls and butterflies, and have added both to my (ridiculously long) art “to do” list! Continue reading

Ring Bearer


Even the smallest person can change the course of the future” Galadriel

Ever since I got such a lovely response to my painting of Arwen, I’ve been meaning to do some more Lord of the Rings related artwork. Then, after seeing the new trailer for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and squealing like the fangirl I am, I decided that my next portrait (I am in a bit of a portrait phase at the moment) had to be one of Tolkien’s characters.

But who? Continue reading

Portrait Practice


It’s unfortunate that I’m unable to post a scanned version of my latest piece, but upon presenting said image to my scanner, it was promptly er, eaten. At least, the colours were, so I must settle for a photograph of the finished piece in its frame. I hope this will suffice for now, and perhaps I can get it professionally scanned at a later date. Continue reading

Liebster Blog Award

Phew! I am so pleased to finally have the time to type this up; the past few weeks have been non-stop!


A while ago, I was SO thrilled and surprised to find that Sarmistha from Little Book of Fashion had nominated me for a Liebster Blog Award! I adore Sarmistha’s fashion illustrations and photos and was very honoured to receive a nomination from her. I’ve seen a couple of other bloggers I follow receive Liebster Awards, and from what I understand, it’s a way for up-and-coming bloggers to nominate their favourite blogs (“Liebster” being German for “favourite” or “dearest” or something similar) have them talk a little about themselves and generally just spread the love. Unfortunately I had no time to respond to the questions (or even blog at all), so I will try and make up for it now with quite a long post :) Perhaps people will feel they know me a little better after reading some of my answers! Continue reading

Character Portraits Part III


Apologies for not being around for the past fortnight or so, I have a lot of catching up to do in between working on my new fabric collection – but, I’m back and have plenty of projects to work on!

Also a little thankyou is in order for those who voted for my design in the Spoonflower competition; I got nearly 200 votes!! VERY pleased with that, thankyou so much for helping me get a good placing!

Anyway, here is the final part of my character portraits (for now, as I want to concentrate on my fabrics and maybe some watercolours). I saved my personal favourite until last. Continue reading